Friday, March 30, 2012

Quick Example Painting

    Here is another quick painting (By quick I mean 2-3 hours). I'm teaching 4 hour long class and decided if  I can paint it in 3 hours, I can teach someone to paint it in 4 hours. It is just a simple up close view of flowers in a vase. Not a whole lot of detail but it looks nice from far away. I noticed too that if I do paintings to well, it seems to intimidate students. Confusing to me, but I guess that's how people are. The idea of the class is to get the basics, and do an entire painting in the time frame they pay for.
    I have really been enjoying teaching these classes. I am constantly reminding myself of "do-s" and "Don't-s" of basic painting. And when doing the example paintings, it is like I am giving myself color exercises and practice with drawing with the paint, rather than drawing out the painting in pencil before. It is also a great experience teaching students of all ages who have a strong interest in art and painting. Otherwise I guess they wouldn't be spending their money on the classes.
    I had one student who came who was 12 years old. It was so interesting watching him mix his paint so precisely and carefully. I loved seeing his face at the end of 2 hours. He was so impressed with himself, and his mother was so happy she had bought the kit and class for a birthday gift for him.
   Another student I have right now is an older lady. As I got to talking with her, I found out that she used to live 3 blocks away from my grandparents in Pittsburgh, Pa (3.5 hours from where I am now). Not only that, but her daughter used to be friends with my aunt and uncle. Such a small world! She has taken many of the classes now, and every time she is getting better, and quicker at picking up on what to work on next. She may not know it, but she is playing with different styles too. Some times she paints very heavy, other times she uses the acrylic paint like water color and waters the paint down a lot to paint in layers.
   Most of all these classes are keeping me active and motivated to keep painting, even though my main incomes are not art related at the moment. I am constantly reminded why I went to art school. Because nothing beats working on something that makes you happy while you do it. Sometimes it is even the best part of my week (other than spending time with family and Caleb). At least, if I am having a bad end to my night after work, I can draw or paint those bad thoughts into good thoughts. I only think about things that make me happy when I am creating something :)