Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Watercolor Challenges

As a way to keep myself challenged, I am switching to watercolor painting for a bit. I plan to "play" around with brushes, colors, and techniques in this pad of paper. Once it's filled with 12 pages of color, I plan on going back through and drawing on top of each like I do with the children's paintings. I'm hoping to learn a few things from doing this. One, is to focus on what I can and cannot do with watercolor paints. Another is to not focus so much on what I am making in the beginning, but focusing more on technique. 

Basically, I want to paint like a child that can just "throw" paint down and yet, still be able to go back to it and make something awesome out of it. Will keep you updated!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Fundraiser for Paint Nite

I had the pleasure of being apart of this fundraiser last night! with 100 tickets sold, it was pretty incredible to be apart of such a great positive experience. Events like this inspire me to help inspire others to paint and give back! Also, I'm very impressed that the photographer got such a nice picture of me! Normally I feel like I look awkward or silly in photos when I am talking, but this one was caught at a great moment of laughing and having fun. Thank You Herald Media!