Monday, March 21, 2011

Ready for the Frame!

I was able to put a boarder on my quilt and finally ready to put the quilt in the frame. I drew out on the fabric in washable markers the patterns of what should be quilted. The large pedals are just laid out in this picture, they are not attached yet, That will be done after the quilt comes out of the frame.


This is the back after zigzagging on the pedals. This will not be seen in the end product. It will be covered up by quilt batting and backing.

After having the background sewn together, I needed to work on the main part which are the flowers. I cut out individual pedals and ironed on every one. After that, I took a tight zigzag stitch and went around each pedal. The biggest flower with not have pedals until after the quilt is quilted. I will be hand sewing them on.

Update on the quilt!

This was my spring break and I got a lot done on my quilt. I finished the grass and more pieces of the background.

Monday, March 7, 2011

More Quilt Pics

I'm starting to attach the Center of the sunflower to the sky and using different techniques of sewing in the grass. I'm experimenting with the grass so that when I start making sunflowers, I can have a variety of techniques.