Wednesday, November 25, 2009


So here's a chance of style. I wanted to execute a project with more of a graphic style than a realistic style. It was actually made with ink on watercolor paper. Then I put it into photoshop and inversed it.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Here's another old piece. We had to make our own pulp fiction cover. I took a photo reference of a friend for this one. I find that I work so much better with references. After I painted it, I scanned it and played with Illustrator. I think this piece turned out really well, although it's not my usual subject.

The Frog Prince in Rome.

In my Children's book Illustration class for this semester we were given the assignment to pick a book that has already been published and change the time and place. I chose to do "The Frog Prince" and it will take place in Rome. I had a friend, Kate Maggiolino, dress up in her roman clothing (Bed sheets :P ) and she posed for me as I took reference photos. Here are some of the actual illustrations so far.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sam and famous people

I thought it would be fun to post pictures of me and famous people. I met Pappy my freshmen year at Pratt. He came to give a talk and signed my sketchbook after. I luckily had a copy of a picture a drew while watching his program.
I met Larry the Cable guy backstage of one of his shows. I entered a look-a-like contest and actually won! One of my many talents is being able to dress like a man... didn't say I was proud of it. I made him a book of all of my many pick up lines and gave it to him. He said I was hilarious for doing it and he gave me the hat clip from his very own hat. I was so happy!
My most recent is Tim Burton! Some friends and I found out that there was going to be a book signing at the MoMA. So we skipped classes (emailing our professors first of course) and waited in line for hours. He was a really happy guy and it was a really fun experience all around.
The cool thing about all of these guys is that all of them love what they do. When I smiled they smiled back and showed a lot of enthusiasm. It was inspiring to see that they honestly love what they do.

Damn Toilets.

So I am currently working on an animation about an event that happened my Sophomore year of college. Basically, the toilet was doing crazy things and overflowing, so my roommate an I turned off the water. When we turned it back on and flushed again, we didn't realize that air had gotten caught in the pipes. It caused a loud angry noise and we honestly thought our toilet would take off through the ceiling. Here is a narrative I did of the event, and a still shot from my animation.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

First art on my new Blog:)

So here is my first post of my new blog. I thought I should put my most recent Water color painting. It still needs some work, the hands and shirt are awesome but the face needs the same amount of attention. The background also needs more attention. It doesn't do the piece justice.