Tuesday, April 19, 2011


It's finally done. I finished the last details in the large flower pedals and with Tina's (my mom's) help, I learned how to hand sew them on with a hidden stitch. This way, you don't really see where the stitches are. We didn't sew them the whole way up, that way you can see them move a little. It gives it a playful feel. I'm so impressed with all I have learn with this project and I am definitely inspired to keep going with fabrics and sewing. I'm still working on the butterfly pillow but the quilt itself is complete.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Out of the FRAME!

After 2 weeks the quilt is quickly out of the frame! I'm completely surprised and very pleased with the outcome. The only part left to attach to the quilt are the large pedals to the large sunflower. One picture shows the pedals and butterfly laying on top but not yet attached. The other picture is of that large pedals unfinished. I still need to draw with thread on all of them and put more detail into them. It's so exciting!

Finishing up in the frame

My grandmother did 90% of the hand quilting because she is amazing and super fast. It was great spending time with her learning a new skill and learning from the best. It was also nice spending time with my grandfather who is 91 and sat in his chair and told stories as he watched us work. My sister and aunt also came to help hand quilt too.