Tuesday, May 28, 2013

2 years <3

Today is 2 years since my first date with Caleb. He gave me 2 dozen roses and over the weekend he worked hard with Lars on our produce stand! I am hoping to also sell some prints and cards of my own designs. It will be exciting to see how we do!

Friday, May 24, 2013


Avery loved making the butterfly snack with pipe cleaners and pom poms! I put the hot glue on and she stuck the pom poms on. She also insisted on being in the pictures :)

You Know You're a Babysitter When....

Today I found this really neat craft online! I can't wait to try it this afternoon with the kids I babysit. This is the kind of thing that really made me want to be creative growing up. And now I get to do it again! The photos pretty much explain how it's made. Other ideas for in the baggy are cereal, grapes, m&m's, gummy bears.... Anything small and snack like.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Inspiration :)

As many people are realizing after graduating college now is that it can be a long process to apply to jobs. So small jobs or part time jobs are needed to help pay back student loans. I have picked up a few baby sitting jobs. While some may think it's an annoying or frustrating job, I find it to be motivating and inspiring. Every day I spend with the kids I am forced to use my imagination on their level and challenged to create random stories and places. I also get to see how different families encourage art at a young age. I have a front row seat at relearning how to be a kid. Hopefully this will be great help with my own children's book creations!

Sea Doodle

While baby sitting today the kids wanted an octopus with every color. According to them I'm the best "Drawer" ever :) Just a silly doodle buy still lots of fun!