Sunday, February 8, 2015

Painting with kids!

My 2 year old nephew painted with color. I added on top ❤️I would love to do the same for your child!!! #art #toddler #create #paint #awesome #talent #nofilter #follow #me

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Imag(in)e Project

I'm starting a new adventure which I have legally named "The Imag(in)e Project". The goal of the project is to transform childrens' doodles and paintings into a collaborative piece of art work. Yes, the paintings are beautiful on there own of course, but after being inspired with my nephew, Leif... I can see so many hidden pictures inside of abstract paintings. The website is under construction, and I will post more examples!

The project can only be successful if the painting is messy. If the child is to old and already wants to paint recognizable things, such as a house or family members, then what I do is not necessary. Everyone who participates signs a waiver allowing me to post photos of their child and the artwork we create together. Below is an example of the process. You can see 7 month old Gage, rocking the finger painting, and what he paintings and the little that I had to add to make it really stand out. I try to add as little as possible to show off the colors and shapes.