Saturday, January 5, 2013

Handsome Stud, Leif

Here is a watercolor I am working on. I started with a light grid and lightly drew in basic shapes with a 6H pencil. 6H doesn't seem to smudge when painted over. I'm also using my first watercolor block. It seems to be working so far. And the paper is really nice too.
So far I have only used watercolor pencils. Caleb got me a nice set for Christmas and I am still learning how to use them. I think I have gone as far as I will with them in the face. I'll continue with paints to get a smoother look. I like the texture I'm getting on the cape and still need the detailed pattern in the shirt. It's coming along though. Something about the face still seems a little off to me but at least it looks like him. Hopefully as I continue to paint it will get better. I think part of what is throwing me off is how intense the eyes look. If I wanted it perfect, I would have just made the photograph larger right?