Thursday, December 27, 2012

So much knitting!

Some times when I have a lot on my mind I need to do something with my hands to either occupy my thoughts, or, to be able to do it so I can think and be productive. For Christmas gifts this year I decided to knit wash cloths for my family and some of Caleb's relatives. After the first 3 they became so easy so I was able to work on them during any free time I had. It also gave me time to think about everything that I might have been stressing about. It was definitely a way to make me relax and calmly work through some things. Any kind of project like this is very helpful. I guess you could consider it a type of therapy. So if you are ever feeling overwhelmed, make something. The feeling of completing a project definitely helps! And gives you time to think through problems you may have or things you may worry about, or just kills some time when you are waiting for it to pass.

I also have some cute ideas on how to wrap them or present them. There are some pictures showing that too. So far I finished 16!