Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy 23rd Birthday to Me

 First are the 2 birthday cakes I got this year.... The top one is from my oldest brother, Jens. He actually got it without knowing it was a baseball. And actually argued with me that it wasn't a baseball, just a cake with lots of icing. The second cake is one that I bought myself. Clearly, people should not be allowed to write on their own birthday cakes.... or at least I shouldn't be allowed to write on them. (My birthday was also father's day this year, and since I call my father by his first name, I called it "Jeff" day instead).

The rest of the photos are of the beautiful flowers Caleb got me:) I will eventually dry them and put them in a jar, That seems to be what I do with all the flowers he has ever given me. Some of them aren't very agreeable when it comes to drying them so I at least have pictures of those.

I love that he calls me "Sweetie" :)

I thought they looked good in a mason jar vase. Only slightly "redneck" :)