Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pizza Shop Sign

The pizza shop is opening this week and they were still without a sign for outside. So they asked me to put one together. They wanted their logo incorporated some how so I decided just to paint it. They are not sure if this is the sign they will always have hanging or if someday they will have one printed with the logo instead. I'm not a fan of hand written letters unless they are precisely gridded out and perfect but this is not something they wanted me to kill myself over. I do like how both sides of the sign turned out. I think I did a fairly good job of making the logo look the same. The only thing not showing is the phone number on these pictures. I actually went to a home improvement store for that and got the plastic numbers you can put on the side of your house. They came large enough. Sadly, they did not make letters big enough, so I just hand painted the name.  Overall, I am pleased with this project. And the owner's were too :)