Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Totally 80's

I helped out at the local swing dance club decorate because they were having a themed dance. The theme was 80's and it was a lot of fun picking out music and trying to be creative with decorations. I researched things that were invented or became popular in the 80's. Things like post-it notes, pac-man, rubix cubes and more. It is a little difficult to see but I painted a mirror with a pac-man game, and on the other mirror used post-its as a writing tool. When it came time for the dance, you better believe I dressed up! It was a lot of work to find/make my outfit. That is one thing that I am glad about the 80's is over. I don't think I could handle taking an hour and a half to get ready every day. (my hair is usually in a normal pony tail, and usually straight, not curly at all)