Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Crayon Melting, Peace Dove

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a big fan of crayons. I have done experimenting with them before with melting and wanted to give it another try. It's difficult because although I am the one holding the torch and crayon.... I can't control how each crayon melts or where it will land. I also cannot get perfect edges or lines. Up close things look rough and ridged. I think these kind of illustrations will be best scanned in to make prints or cards with.
I started with a pre-stretched canvas, and airbrushed a solid color onto it. That way if I didn't completely cover the canvas with crayon, the background color will show through. I also think that I would like bigger areas of color  in the background next time. I had to be careful toward the end that I didn't melt the crayons to much, before they made a grey color. I also will play around with text once it is scanned in. Maybe just the word "Peace" or something.