Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jeff's 1979 Suit Jacket

I found the suit jacket my father, Jeff, wore in his senior photo in 1979 (Plaid of course). Naturally I try it on. First I see the enormous size difference between us. It came down to just above my knees. And it took a while to find my hands in the sleeves where his forearms would have been. Doesn't he look handsome?

Then I find a piece of paper while digging around in all of the pockets wondering if there is anything in them.  On one side it looks to be a recite, $2.50 was paid to the class treasurer for something and the date was 3/9/79.

On the other side was a hand written note which says "Hello there Jeff, how are you doing. I sure am awful sleepy, Is that why you are writing to yourself. Yes, I figured it would keep me awake."

After laughing hysterically at this.... I realize where I get it from. ♥ Gotta love it.

Oh! And today is my grandmother's (Jeff's Mother) birthday. Happy birthday Grammy!